Roofing Material: Choose the Best Roof Options for your Home

Throughout history, men have used a wide variety of roofing material to cover their homes. There are a few factors that homeowners need to consider before shopping for roofing materials, including geographical location, climate, desired look, installation costs, and maintenance needs. By carefully selecting your home’s roofing material, you can reduce replacement cost, use less building material, and put lesser demand on resources. Consult your Massillon, Canton, or Akron, Stark or Summit County Thermal Roofing & Siding Ltd., Co. for the best roofing material, that fits your home.

roofing material

Slate roofs

Known as the best stone roofing material, slate roofs are popular for their durability, elegance and high costs. Just like concrete tiles and clay, slate is a heavy material and you need a home that is able to support its weight. Slate roofs are non-leaching and definitely last for centuries. It is also easier to recycle and repair. Because of its dark color, slate isn’t recommended for homes in sunny, warm climates. Slate roofs are usually available in red, green, purple, gray, and black colors.

Clay-tiled roofs

Clay roof tiles are heavy and require additional framing but are durable and non-combustible. They are usually available in cool colors, lighter hues, which reflect more than 50 percent of the sun’s heat. Bug-resistant, fire-resistant, and beautiful, clay tiles are able to last for more than a century. You can find clay tiles in many houses in California and in the Southwest.

Wood shakes

Because of their differences in color, thickness, cut of wood, and width, wood shakes offer a unique design for your home. This roofing material insulates the attic and allows air to circulate inside the house. Wood roofing material is famous for its natural beauty, giving a rustic impression for most homes. It is currently sold in three categories—Category 1 features the best quality. To ensure safety, wood shakes often require fire-resistance treatments from time to time.

Metal roofs in roofing material

There are different types of metal roofs these days, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. They provide solar reflectance, durability, and often last longer than asphalt or wood. Metal roofing shingles are lighter compared to other roof materials and are resistant to the extreme, adverse weather.

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