Raccoons Destroying Roofs:

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Raccoons Destroying Roofs:

Roof damage is often the result of raccoons searching for a place to nest. The WFCB reports that female raccoons are known to tear off roof shingles and ventilators to gain access to the attic for a nesting site. Inside, they might also make space for their nesting by tearing out insulation.

If you need help with your insurance, we are there for you.

On 11/17/2020 we helped get a complete roof replaced and paid for with one small hole and the roof cost was $44,753.71

Proof on request for any homeowner

On 12/3/2020 we were able to get 54’ of overhang replaced for a total of $5,973.50.

We completely seal the areas and guarantee that you will never have a raccoon problem.

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Showing trapping Raccoons and Squirrels

He was NOT happy loosing his home!!!





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