My main business is Roofing, and very accomplished with Vinyl Siding, Replacement Windows, Doors, Seamless Spouting, Gutter Guards . . .

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  I have been in the Gutter Guard business since 2001 as All Seasons Leaf Free Gutter Guards Ltd., Co. Our website is for SEO Purposes. I have been installing Gutter Guards when no one was even thinking about them under various company names for many years. Not in the sense that you see today, with so many variations, but all the same, we were always trying to protect our customers to the best of our ability. I have installed over 100,000 feet of quality gutter guards, in all the years, of being in business. Primarily, in Stark County Ohio, focusing in the cities of Massillon & Canton and surrounding areas.

Super Surgical Stainless Steel Micro Mesh

We had a gutter cleaning business, along with a screen system, that we used for years, only because they were not high tech, like they are today, and part of our service, was to go back and clean them when needed to be, at no charge to the customer.

I got started specializing in Gutter Guards because of my grandfather’s best friend.

Ike got up on the ladder to clean his gutters, and fell breaking his neck, which resulted in his passing.

From that happening, it made me committed, to making sure that I supplied the very best in gutter protection, so that NO ONE ELSE would ever have to go through the pain, that we endured, due to a sense less act that could have been prevented, if he would have just allowed us, to put these gutter guards on his home.

He was 83 years old, still young at heart, and thought that he was invincible! Don’t let this happen to you . . . because it so much cheaper and safer to put the right system for your home, and receive complete peace of mind, that they are always working, so you don’t have too!

I have been in business for many years, with very satisfied customers, under various company names which are all still active today. The reason for the different names is for advertising purposes, for specialty products that I have dealer agreements with, the distributors. I recently set up as an LLC for ease of paperwork, and for my attorney’s benefit. I added All Seasons Leaf Free Gutter Gard Ltd., Co. in 2001 for more clarity and have it as a specialized company, separate from our main company, again, at the instance of our franchised companies.

We’d love to have you become part of our family today!

We only install what are the highest rated products that we have tested and installed on my own home before any installations to make sure that they work. Any product that we distribute is always a product that we have tested for at least 2 years on our own homes.

” One size does NOT fit All ” as some companies, with only 1 product may suggest.

We match the product to your environment, to make sure that you are 100% protected for the life of the structure. Covering any and all clogs, or blockages, leaks, or loosing of the gutters. We wouldn’t use a product on our homes if it didn’t work. As I have installed every product to test on my own home, before I ever put it on yours, so I know, without any doubt, that they work.

You probably should call for your free inspection right now, while you are thinking of it.

Even, if you just have us over for a FREE inspection, and are not ready, at least when you are, you will know who to call!

There is NO PRESSURE, ever from us. We know, if we treat you right, you will want to do business with us sooner or later. Stop by anytime and say hello at 114 — 6Th St SW Massillon, Ohio 44647

Thank You for Time and Consideration!!!

Jay Walker & Mike Griffith


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