Leaky Roofs will Create Issues, that Can Cost A Lot More than the Roof Itself, Both Financially & Mentally, Along with the Inconvenience!

Nothing is worse than having to replace ceilings, walls, and damage to floors, because the leaky roofs that wasn’t done properly by an Unqualified So Called Roofer, or was worn out without you realizing it ,which caught you off guard, when with a FREE Roof Inspection by a Qualified Company such as ours, may have prevented the whole scenario, and SAVED YOU a TON of Money and aggravation.

 No one should have to redo their roof every 5 to 7 years. If you choose a good shingle, and a truly reputable company, like Thermal Roofing & Siding Ltd., Co.  Since 1967 , you can avoid many of the headaches and problems you may be going through.

Roofing Contractors Association Indication

Data, tabulated from the Roofing Contractors Association indicated that some 20 year guaranteed shingles were failing in as little as 6 months, and continuing to fail up to 12 years. The average failures are cited at about 5 years.

Specific failures reported include blow-offs, buckling, loss of granules, curling, splitting, cracking, and seal down problems. Some of these happen because of greedy roofers that buy what are referred to as SECONDS, or inferior material, and sell to the unwary homeowner at full price.

So-Called Labor Warranty

Because, of the so-called labor warranty, that they give. NO one seems to be able to see a copy, of what this elusive warranty does. These companies have a little disclaimer in there so called warranty. The disclaimer is that if you are able to view it, that simply states that if they have to come to your house for any reason that they will charge you. And you are obligated to pay them a minimum of $250.00 whether they do anything or not, just for showing up.

Limited Lifetime Warranties ( A Misleading Name ) when read, after proration are really only good for a maximum time of ten years. If someone tells  you that is what you are getting, tell them you want to read it first.

Under normal expectations. Economy grade materials can be expected to perform reasonably well over some 7 to 10 years.

Middle-of-the-road-grades of materials will probably not begin to show evidence of deterioration until about 14 to 15 years . . .and maybe 20 if you are really lucky. Most, Better grade roofing lines should have a life expectancy of 30 years or more, unless the home experiences exceptionally extreme weather conditions, or the materials are installed improperly, or are used inappropriately.

Labor portion of the re-roofing

A homeowner, considering the purchase of roofing materials, either for do-it-yourself application, or for use by a contractor, should keep one point in mind. The labor portion of the re-roofing cost remains just about the same, whether good or poor-quality materials, are used. The company you do business with is just as important as the shingle you choose.

With over 54 years in the roofing business we know shingles, and which are the best for your home! All roofing is NOT the Same, and if you do not use the right accessories your roof will not last either. Sort of like putting Low-test gas in a High-test car.

53 Years A+ Rated

Why choose us?

There are a lot of things an experienced roofer can do, to give you a tighter, sealed roof. We know how important it is to protect the wood on your roof. After we tear your roof off, we are going to replace any bad wood. Then we are going to install rubber ice protection on all your eve edges 36 inches with a super glue type product. This is at least 10 times stronger than the strongest super glue you have ever used. Next, we will install new synthetic type material. This is coated on both sides, instead of felt or oil coated paper.

No Use of Cheap Paper

Unlike most other companies that use the cheap paper that only is coated on one side and usually is thinner.

All edges will be covered with our triple electroplated aluminum edges with a 17 degree kick. It will keep all the water away from the edges, so that it will not cross siphon, back into your wood. It will also keep the wood from dry rotting.

This will keep the water directed directly into your gutters and keep the water from seeping into your fascia and rotting that wood also. You will need the rubber-based  ice guard in the valleys, to stop any back wash of water, into your valleys were then majority of leaks, in homes occur. Another group of areas we cover with ice guard are around chimneys, soil pipes, along all roof seams, and on any low-pitched areas.

Leaky Roofs

Unlike some roofing companies that charge full price and only give you a partial job, we also like to use starter shingles, up the rake edges ( incline areas) and all eve edges ( gutter areas). This is to give the added protection, for true double coverage, throughout the entire application. That is really needed in our Ohio winters. We also use polymer-based rubber boots, on all soil pipes and stacks. That allow the material stay more flexible longer and less likely to crack, unlike the cheap boots that are bought at the big box stores, generally start to deteriorate within 3 to 7 years.

Flashing with, Our Special Triple Constant Compression Custom Made Product, is a must on all chimneys, along with counter flashing for the ultimate seal. The aluminum is made from the same process, as the super drip edge material we use. It’s with a 100% Life of Structure guarantee, Labor, Materials, & Accessories.

NOT a Fine Print Pro-Rated Warranty

Just like humans need to breathe, so do homes. Ours, is a low-profile ridge vent system, so that it lets the heat out. But nothing bad, back in, such as little critters that want free room and board, bees, wasps, hornets, etc. Our ridge cap is made with a special mixture that they cannot stand, and baffles to only let the air out, and not back in.

All of the tear off material, goes directly into our own special fitted dumpsters. In this way NO MESS is ever left behind.

We have huge oversized magnets for cleanup for smaller nails. These magnets cannot be seen and other small metal pieces that are not very easily seen.

Thermal  Roofing & Siding Ltd., Co. serves all areas of Stark County, Summit, Wayne, Carroll, Tuscarawas.

Cities that we work in primarily:

Massillon, Canton, North Canton, East Canton, Hartville, Brewster, Beach City, Dalton, Orrville, Akron, Barberton, Alliance, Salem, North Lawrence, to name a few.

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