Why Gutters Are The Most Important Part Of Your Home’s Exterior

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Moving into a new home is exciting and you’re looking around to see how you want to make it look better. Maybe it needs some cosmetic work so you pick out paint and wallpaper, cabinets and countertops.

Then you look at the exterior and notice a few loose shingles on the roof. You want to add some planter boxes, a sprinkler system and landscape the lawn as well as paint the trim and add awnings.

You think of everything you need to do to fix up the exterior, but you never gave a thought to the guttering system. Gutters are sight unseen while the overhang hides them from view and that’s why most homeowners ignore them.

gutters are the most important part of your home’s exterior

Gutters are important For Your Home’s Exterior!!

The gutters are the most important part of your home’s exterior. Because they catch the water so it doesn’t flood your house. When it rains, the water flows through the gutter to the downspout. And it runs out into the yard away from your house protecting it from leaks, cracks and flooding.

Bad gutters have cracks, sag and are pulled away from the fascia board making it difficult for the water to run through them. Therefore the water runs down the side of your house causing seeping into the interior wall and ceiling leading to cracks in the walls, a stained ceiling from dampness and a cracked foundation.

Mold and mildew form creating health problems such as allergies and other respiratory illnesses to you and your family. Clogged up gutters will cause the same problem as the water has nowhere to go. Snow and ice mount up in the gutters putting a lot of weight on them that causes them to sag, crack and pull away from the fascia board.

Something that seems small as a gutter can cause a lot of destruction to your home if they’re not in tip top shape. The way to keep your gutters in top condition is to hire a professional gutter guard specialist to install gutter guards. They protect your gutters by filtering out the debris and twigs. So the water can run through the downspout out away from the home.


With knowledge of why gutters are the most important part of your home’s exterior can save you thousands in costly repairs. This can also help in a fire hazard and the health of you and your family. When calling a professional make sure they offer a free estimate, will explain why you need gutter guard protection, are licensed and bonded. And they offer a lifetime warranty on the product as well as a guaranty on their workmanship.

By adding protection to your gutters will save you a fortune in repairs and you’ll have a safe worry free home.

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