How to Choose a Gutter Guard Specialist

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It’s really important to know how to choose a Gutter Guard Specialist. Most homeowners realize the importance of having their gutters cleaned on a yearly basis to keep them from getting clogged up. They know the water needs to run out of the gutter, but they don’t realize where the water goes if the gutters are clogged and the extensive damage it can cause to their home.

They’ll usually hire someone from a neighborhood paper thinking it’s an easy job. Most of these handymen are not licensed or bonded and don’t have any special skills in home repairs. The homeowner doesn’t know that their gutters could be cracked, sagging or pulling away from the fascia board as the handyman doesn’t know what to look for.

choose a gutter guard specialist

You can’t see the gutter unless you climb the ladder to the roof to inspect them yourself. But then you don’t know what you’re looking for. You need to choose a guttering specialist to install your gutter system. That should be licensed, bonded, has been in business for several years. He must carry top of the line products and offers a lifetime warranty.

Choosing a Gutter Guard Specialist

Pick out three or four and call them for a free estimate. Ask how long they’ve been in business, are they licensed and bonded. Also, if they offer a lifetime warranty on the product, then check the BBB for their rating. You can use the one that offers the lowest price, but remember quality is more important than price.

Some companies don’t offer a top quality gutter guard protection, while others offer the best. Never hire a small fly by night company that’s not licensed or bonded and wants paid upfront. When they ask for payment like that, they don’t intend on doing a satisfactory job, if they do it at all.

The professionals are skilled gutter guard specialists and care about customer satisfaction. They have a good reputation and can provide testimonials from previous customers. They will explain the difference in the gutter systems, since there are different types depending on your house, budget and how many trees you have.

The best gutter specialist will perform a top quality job with a gutter guard system that is the best in the industry offering a lifetime warranty. Some will include an annual gutter cleaning and some won’t. But they’re still a good company, it’s usually just a difference in the price. By using a reputable company, it will pay for itself in the long run. It will also avoid costly repairs due from cracks in the walls and leaky ceilings.

Some homeowners have taken short-cuts trying to save money when it ended up costing them three times more than what they would’ve paid the professional for, so by hiring the best will save you money and heartache from a destructive home.

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